Side by Side Halo Anniversary Comparison Will Blow Your Mind

/ 3 years ago

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It’s only a few months now until the iconic Master Chief graces our screens once again. The release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection will mark Halos introduction to the Xbox One by bringing Halo 1 – 4 to the new console, with massively improved graphics and framerate compared when compared to their original releases.

It’s not secret that Halo games often ran sub 30fps on their respective consoles, heck I’ve seen Halo 4 co-op multiplayer drop to what I could only describe as a slow motion flicker book, rendering it completely unplayable in busy sections. Now the game will be returning with improved textures, better AA, better filtering, better lighting and a super slick 60FPS locked frame rate, a first for the series.

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So just how good do the new games look compared to their originals, given that there has been around ten years between some of them? Check out the video below and prepare to have your nostalgic mind blown.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is due for release on Xbox One November 11th.

Thank you Twinfinite for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Twinfinite.

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  • Alistair Hardy

    Never been much if a Halo fan, respected it but not my cuppa (unless it was Halo CE on LAN at college…)
    But damn, that’s a massive improvement on animation techniques.

    • Wayne

      Yeah that’s a HUGE improvement, have they completely reworked the 3D engine? Or is it a new engine???

      • Alistair Hardy

        These are pre-rendered cut scenes, so most likely animated entirely outside of the game with a few assets taken from the series.

        • Monaro

          Yeah, this is one of Blur’s projects. Not in-engine stuff, but still pretty sweet.

          • Peter Donnell

            It’s in engine pre-set scenes, but you should youtube the gameplay from the revised Halo 2, pretty awesome stufff.

          • Monaro

            I might do so actually, I remember having my mind blown when I saw Halo remade (flashbacks to school lunchtime lan parties…). Do you know if it’s the same engine as the Anniversary edition?

          • Peter Donnell

            Absolutely not the same engine as that was for the Xbox 360 and done by Saber Interactive 🙂 It is a similar “puppet” concept though, with the old graphics engine running in the background, allowing you to switch between the old and the new, albeit with new mo-cap, lip sync and other bumps to improve it.

          • Monaro

            Didn’t know if they’d just touch it up or not. Cheers for clarifying though!

            I do like how they enable that, flick between shiny new and nostalgia at a whim.

  • Plagen

    Ugh, they are making it look WAY too realistic…

  • Joe Wingett

    Hey, those pre-rendered cutscenes are what you could expect to see on PC. Shame it’s never going to happen, because M$ forget that they own Windows, and that games run on Windows.