SilverStone AP123 120mm Case Fan Review

/ 4 years ago

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Today we have with us a new fan from SilverStone, the AP123. These fans fall into the AirPenetrator series of products and are designed specifically to be used as case fans. They feature a unique design with three different fan blades inside the same fan which optimises their noise output when placed up against grilles.

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You can see the full specifications below, and without any further babbling from myself lets move straight into the product.


As we can see from the packaging the air channeling technology from multiple fan blade designs is the key feature.


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  • Interesting fans these. PWM would be nice. As you say, the colour may be an issue for some but for me it’s a non issue. I barely notice Noctua’s colour scheme in my rig so these would be invisible. It’s noise & performance that concerns me.