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Silverstone DA1000R 1000W Cybernetics Gold ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 PSU Review

A Closer Look – Internal

Opening up the PSU was pretty each, with six small screws holding the lid on. With it removed, you can access the fan, which is a 135mm design. It’s the Hong Hua HA13525H12SF0Z, which we know is a very popular fan found in the likes of Seasonic, MSI, Thermaltake, DeepCool, NZXT, and likely more brands power supplies, and it wouldn’t be doing the rounds that much if it wasn’t decent!

The interior of the PSU looks pretty packed, but also very clean and tidy too, which I always like to see. Sometimes you see adhesives, glue, blobs of solder or trailing wires, but not here, it looks very well planned out.

The main bulk capacitor is rated for 400v and 720 uf. It’s worth pointing out that all the capacitors used here are excellent quality Japanese-made components, which is pretty much always a good sign.

One thing I’ve never seen in a PSU, are these extra long capacitors, or extra tall, however you want to look at it. This one is rated for 3300uf at 16v, so it may be slim, but it’s pretty powerful!

There’s another one on the connector board too, just tucked into the back of it horizontally.

There are a bunch of powerful capacitors dotted throughout the PCB too, such as this 16v 2200 uF unit.

There are good quality 16v caps too (the smaller ones) marked in silver with blue and red highlights.

The PCB is quite compact, keeping the PSU in a standard ATX form factor, and it uses a few daughter boards to keep the size down. This one features the fan connector (left), a two-pin connector for the fan control switch on the rear of the PSU (middle), and there’s even a 5-pin DRGB connector despite there being no RGB on this PSU, however, I suspect they can use this same PCB in multiple units to save cost.

The AC line-in looks very robust, with a thick layer of shielding and a reinforced design. There’s some line filtering, thick solder, and heavy-duty wiring here too, so overall, it looks very well made.

There’s a small board between the transformer and the caps, which has a thick metal shielding plate bridging it into the main PCB with the 3.3v and 5v coils on a second board just behind that.

There are three aluminium heatsinks too, each located down the centre of the power supply covering the PFC and MOSFETs where they’re going to get the most airflow, and their fins pointing towards the rear exhaust ventilation.

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