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Silverstone DA1000R 1000W Cybernetics Gold ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 PSU Review

Transient Loads

These results measure the power supply from 0% load to 100% load on various rails to simulate a power spike from your system. Typically, we would like to see as small a spike as possible relative to the requested voltage. With modern GPUs being notorious for power spikes, this is becoming more relevant in modern PSU design.

The specifications for ATX 3.0 were released in February 2022. It includes the new 16-Pin 12vHPWR connector that can deliver up to 600 W to graphics cards. These incorporate data lines for components to negotiate power capabilities with the PSU so they do not draw more power than the PSU is capable of delivering. The specification also has more strict requirements for handling spikes, two times the nominal output for 100 microseconds.

It’s fair to say the transient loads on this PSU are about as perfect as I could hope for. Very clean and fast transitions, no over or undershoot, and no unwanted ripple. Really, I couldn’t expect much better than this.

0-100% 3V

0-100% +5VSB

0-100% 12V

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