SilverStone display 1350W ‘Zeus’ power supply at CES

/ 6 years ago

Power supplies these days are always getting better in terms of efficiency, power output and noise levels. However, it would Appear SilverStone is bucking the trend. Their Zeus power supply provides a staggering 1350W and up to 105 amps of a single rail. It does all this with 80 PLUS silver efficiency. Measuring in at a huge 150 x 86 x 233 mm the Zeus is certainly as big as its name would suggest. However, the perhaps disappointing part is, it is ventilated by a single 80mm fan, which has noise ratings of between 21~40 dBA.

The rest of the design includes full modular cable inputs and cables. Its connector loadout is to include a 24-pin ATX connector, two 8-pin EPS connectors, about 10 PCIe power connectors, and various SATA/peripheral connectors. No word on pricing or availability but judging by the 80mm fan over a 120 or 140mm fan we would look at this being a ‘cheaper’ SilverStone product.

Source: TPU

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