SilverStone ML04B USB 3.0 HTPC Chassis Detailed

/ 4 years ago


Continuing where the popular Milo ML03 left off, the Milo ML04 HTPC case again combines the full size features of Grandia series with slim form factor dimensions. The ML04 has a profile of 105mm height and 350mm depth, making it extremely easy to integrate into any living room furniture.

Incredibly, this case can accommodate up to three 3.5” hard drives or five 2.5” HDD/SSD through its smartly designed drive cages that can mount either size without any use of adapters.


The distinguishing feature of the ML04 is its lockable aluminum front door that is similar in design as the larger GD07 case with a LED dimmer that adds not only security but also improve integration in home theater environments.


For those looking to build an HTPC with good expansion and cooling capability but has limited room and budget, the SilverStone Milo ML04 is an excellent alternative to the ML03.

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Special Features:

  • Support up to four 80mm fans
  • Drive cages with multi-purpose mounts eliminate need for adapters
  • Easy to install and cable route
  • Support standard PS2(ATX) power supplies
  • Support low profile expansion cards
  • Incredible 350mm depth to fit comfortably inside home theater cabinet
  • Lockable front door and power button ensure security of system and drives
  • LED indicator with adjustable brightness


The ML04 is due for release around 17th of June and expected retail price is currently $86.97. You can find further information about ML04 here.


Thank you Silverstone for providing us with this information


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3 Responses to “SilverStone ML04B USB 3.0 HTPC Chassis Detailed”
  1. Justain says:

    All I can say that it is a decent price. It’s ugly and looks more sterile than a mule (it is not sexy at all).

    I don’t see anything new or special about this except that it has a few features that consumers have wanted. Bottom line is that it’s ugly and NOT what I want to put next to my TV if I’m going to call it my HTPC. UGLY.

  2. Justain says:

    Designing Inspiration? I haven’t heard of this company, but their design makes me think “Sterile as a mule.” And my opinion of this ugly unsexiness is solid as a rock.

    Black brushed aluminum is usually a nice finish, but I have to think that this company is oblivious to design, art, and aesthetics. They tried to wrap their specs with a blaket of black aluminum. Whoever designed this needs to go to a real art school or find some inspiration in life. It’s ugly.

  3. ted says:

    a htpc case should have air filters.

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