Single PCB GTX 295s Still Very Rare!

/ 9 years ago

Nvidia still has yet to ship any meaningful quantities of the new single PCB GTX 295 card to their partners, so these new cards have become rather rare. While the normal dual-PCB 295 cards are readily available the newer revision appears to be harder to track down with only a few vendors with stock. As weeks progress though, we should see more of these cards appear for sale.

The newer single PCB cards should be more stable, allowing for better clocks but as with many graphics card revisions, it often has more to do with easier, cheaper manufacturing.

These newer cards look very similar to AMD’s dual GPU offerings and the cooling performance has been enhanced due to the cooler change and better airflow. The noise levels have also dropped with the fan speed being kept at a low 1400RPM. We would have say that this new revision is nothing to worry current GTX295 owners, with prices still about the same as the two pcb version, but if you are planning on purchasing a GTX295 and overclocking, it may pay to wait a few more weeks.

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