Sins of a Dark Age announced

/ 6 years ago

The follow-up to Ironclade Games’ Sins of a Solar Empire is in development, the studio confirmed today.

The new strategy game, called Sins of a Dark Age, is a new franchise and not related to Sins of a Solar Empire in any way. The gameplay centers on players choosing either a Hero role or the Commander role. Hero will face enemies on the front line while Commander focuses more on planning, building, and positioning of troops.

“Sins of a Dark Age is something totally unique in the strategy genre,” said Blair Fraser, co-founder and producer at Ironclad. “Like Sins of a Solar Empire, which blended 4x with real-time strategy, we’ve taken our favorite elements of traditional RTS and action RTS and added our own twists and turns that result in a completely new and unrivalled strategy experience.”

Source: Gameinformer

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