Sledgehammer: Xbox One and PS4 To Get Resolution/FPS Parity In Advanced Warfare

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The way game developers deal with the different hardware configurations of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is always interesting news. It is no secret that Sony’s PS4 is a lot more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox One on the GPU side. Metal Gear Solid 5 for example runs at 1080p on the PS4 but 720p on the Xbox One and Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at native 1080p on the PS4 but 1080p upscaled from 720p on the Xbox One. Apparently the same trend may or may not continue this year as Sledgehammer Games Creative Direct Bret Robbins revealed in a rather dubious statement. When asked if the Xbox One would have improved graphics compared to the current situation with Call of Duty: Ghosts Robbins stated that:

“Right, well you know we always strive for complete parity across all our platforms and you know this year will be no different,”

Of course this could mean that they will “strive for complete parity” by offering the same resolution but that still leaves scope for the same upscaling technique deployed in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It also leaves scope for the possibility of making the PS4 and Xbox One versions identical in terms of resolution and graphical quality. Whichever option they pick there will definitely be unhappy customers, be it disgruntled PS4 users who do not want their game experience downgraded to match the Xbox One or disgruntled Xbox One users who are unhappy about the PS4 getting better graphics.

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7 Responses to “Sledgehammer: Xbox One and PS4 To Get Resolution/FPS Parity In Advanced Warfare”
  1. Nettrick Nowan says:

    If they “dumb down” the PS4 version, I don’t think I’ll be buying it new–I’ll wait for someone to finish with their copy and buy it off them. I don’t want to reward that company for their bad behavior. If I wanted the X1 version of a game, I’d buy it for my X1–not for my PS4.

  2. lol1996 says:

    This might not be as bad as people think, because with reduced textures come increased frame rate. Even if the V-Sync at 30fps was maintained, they’d still be a reduced system load and hence reduced noise, overheating and power consumption.

  3. Notofthiswar says:

    This is funny when ps4 has better specs then the Xbox

  4. Simon Moore says:

    Calm down everyone and just sell your consoles….. get a PC

  5. Bill E Weaver says:

    The writer is not properly informed. XB1 was meant to be shipped with dx12, and when ps4 dropped they had to put something out with an api they didn’t intent to ship with(dx11)….Look at Forza5(1080p 60fps),Forza Horizon2 (1080p 4xmsaa,30fps,openworld), Masterchief collection which has 4 1080p 60fps games on one disk running 2 graphics engines at the same time. Xb1 is not underpowered in any regards if so why is it that the ps4 has yet to get a single exclusive AAA game at 1080p 60fps like Forza5? DX11 was never meant to work in conjunction with DX11, thats why DX11.3 is out and games have gotten better with better sdks etc from MS. Sony wants you to believe they have 50% more power. Kind of hard to prove that when the XB1 has better textures and colors on majority of the multiplats.

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