Snowboarder Demonstrates Why You Don’t Use a Selfie Stick on the Slopes

/ 3 years ago

selfie stick snowboarder

The fact that selfie sticks are loathed by people around the world is no surprise, and rightfully so for many reasons. Using them can take your focus away from what is going on around you by focusing on the little stick that you are waving around.

This lesson was learned by a snowboarder who was using a selfie stick with a video camera attached to the end. While not paying attention the snowboarder gets a good knock to the back of the head from a gondola heading down the mountain. Even after being knocked down the guy didn’t have enough sense to put it away and sits down to gather himself while still fiddling with the stick. Hopefully the next time the guy decides to hit the slopes he will leave the selfie stick at home and preferably in the trash.

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Source: Mashable

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2 Responses to “Snowboarder Demonstrates Why You Don’t Use a Selfie Stick on the Slopes”
  1. alicepattinson says:

    Don’t risk your life in just taking selfie using a Selfie Stick Pro. 🙂

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