Snowden Gets Issued A World Passport By World Services Authority

/ 4 years ago


The World Services Authority (WSA) is a Washington-based branch of the world government of world citizens. Just yesterday it issued a “World Passport” to Edward Snowden giving him “world citizenship”. The announcement on Twitter by the WSA yesterday read:

“WSA issues World Passport to Edward Snowden Based upon article 13 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

The WSA founder stated the Snowden situation was unprecedented and revealed the power of one individual against the state. Hhowever he claimed that Snowden being stuck at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo was a fiction of the nation-state border and not fair. Sadly though, only four nation states recognise the world passport and they are Togo, Tanzania, Mauritania and Ecuador. Interestingly enough Ecuador was previously on Snowden’s asylum list and with a world passport he could legally travel there. Once he arrives there he is unlikely to be extradited as Ecuador have already stated they will stand up against “Imperialist Powers”.

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We eagerly await what Ecuador has to say about this potentially loophole and wonder what Snowden’s prospects are for Ecuador. That said he still has offers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia if he doesn’t feel like playing the lottery with Ecuador. That said the hardest part for Snowden is still going to be getting to Venezuela without being intercepted by the USA and its allies.

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