Software Pirates Are Hijacking Apple App Store Programs

App Store Pirates

Anyone who owns an iPhone will know that the Apple App Store literally has thousands of programs you can download to your smartphone. While some are free, others come with either an initial price tag of subscription price wall. It seems, however, that a group of software hackers may have found a means to bypass this for many popular programs.

In a report via SkyNews, pirated version of apps such as Spotify, Minecraft and Pokemon Go have been made available to download. These, bypass both the Apple App Store and, of course, any associated price tag.

How Does This Work?

It is believed that an exploit in (or more accurately, abuse of) the enterprise developer certificates might have been found. This has essentially allowed the apps to be released for free. This also, most notably, includes Spotify. In this regard owners of the pirated version can reportedly obtain full access to areas/perks usually reserved for paid subscribers.

Be Warned!

After hearing of this, you might be tempted to go out and see if you can find some of these pirated apps. Well, the cautionary note is to beware. Apple is very much aware of these programs. While they have not cited any specific actions, they have been clear to point out that any usage of these pirated programs would constitute a violation of the terms of service. From there, who knows what punishment the company might apply.

Apple has said: “Developers that abuse our enterprise certificates are in violation of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program Agreement and will have their certificates terminated. And if appropriate, they will be removed from our Developer Program completely,”

So, probably best if you do come across these to simply not get involved. I mean, if Apple could (or can) detect their usage, you wouldn’t want your account suspended or worse, your phone locked out. Well, that and the risk that the software might contain malware. There is always that possibility, especially when it’s out of Apple’s domain.

What do you think? Are you surprised at the news? Have you encountered one of these pirated apps? In addition, would you risk downloading one of them? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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