Twitter Is Still Retaining Deleted Direct Messages

Twitter Is Keeping Your Deleted Direct Messages

In this modern world of social media, I’m sure that at this point nearly everyone has dropped a messaging faux pas. This can, of course, vary. Perhaps an ill-advised comment. Perhaps a message to an ex you wish you’d never sent. With Twitter, however, users are given something of a safety net. Specifically, the option to (seemingly) permanently delete direct messages. It seems, however, that despite them seeming to be deleted, that may not actually be the case.

In a report via The Verge, despite users removing messages/conversations, the social media site is still be retaining them. Despite promising that they would not.

Message (Not) Deleted

In the report, a security researcher has found that despite users being able to delete direct messages, there was a way to get them back. By simply downloading your achieved data (an option usually provided by social media to allow you to close accounts without losing photographs) users are apparently also given copies of all of their direct messages.

This means that despite them being apparently deleted, Twitter is still retaining them somewhere. I do not, however, think that Twitter lied about this.

Is Twitter Lying?

It is suggested that the message recovered can only be accessed by either the sending or receiving party. Overlooking this, however, it highlights a much bigger problem. Namely, that despite the social media sites insistence, deleted messages are not really being deleted. The good news is that the social media platform has already acknowledged this. In a statement, the site has said that they are: “looking into this further to ensure we have considered the entire scope of the issue.” – Well, at least they haven’t tried to deny it. I do, however, believe them. This strikes me as a method of recovery that was simply not considered. An oversight for sure, but not a malicious one.

One thing, however, is clear. If you were of the opinion that deleted means deleted, you were wrong. Very wrong! This could prove to be a stark wake-up call to many users.

What do you think? Does this news concern you? Do you think Twitter knew about this flaw? – Let us know what you think in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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