Sony Anticipates $2.1B Loss on Smartphone Division

/ 3 years ago

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More bad news for Sony – the company has just revised its forecasts for the financial year and things aren’t looking good in its mobile sector. Sony is expecting a loss of $2.1B US – terrible news for the Japanese manufacturer. The company has been haemorrhaging money across the board for a number of years now, and whilst their photography and electronic entertainment divisions have successfully seen a big turnaround in recent years – it’s obvious that there’s still a lot more work to be done.

In early 2014 – the smartphone division was looking positive and upbeat and was expecting to “achieve significant sales growth” – however it’s clear that things haven’t worked out. Sony’s now looking to “revise to reduce risk and volatility”, or in layman terms – simply playing it safer in the mobile space. A smart choice it might turn out to be, as the company looks to turn its focus to concentrating on flagship devices, as well as reducing the number of mid-low end devices. It’s worth noting that it’s recent Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact devices have been well received thus far by critics – so with a bit of luck Sony might successfully turn the ship around. For more on Sony’s revised financial forecasts, visit the official release.

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