Sony Bought OnLive, Ending the Service April 30th

/ 2 years ago


OnLive just announced that they are shutting down after being bought by Sony. In case you have forgotten about OnLive it was a company that offered a cloud-based streaming gaming.

This is the second time that OnLive has been bought, the first time was to by a venture capital firm in 2012 for the sum of $4.8 million, after having accrued $30-$40 million of debt. Sony also bought game-streaming service Gaiki in July 2012, and that tech was used for PlayStation Now. Sony does not plan to continue the service in its current form, the service goes offline April 30th. After the closure the player data will be wiped and any Steam games that were bought through the service will remain on the Steam accounts of the customers.

Source: Engadget

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