Sony-branded VR Headset Confirmed In Reddit AMA Session

/ 4 years ago


In a Reddit AMA session, it looks like president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, has confirmed that a Sony VR headset really does exists. He was asked during the session if support for the Oculus Rift will be available when it comes out, however he did even more than just reply. He hinted about a Sony-branded VR headset, which is supposed to be a competitor to Oculus Rift now, though the Oculus Rift was mainly developed and targeted the PC market.

“Hearing good things about 2 competitors… one of which actually comes from Sony. So I’m thinking this is real and we may have our Snowcrash after all.” Smedley replied during the AMA session.


There were some vague news about a Sony VR headset rumored a while back, but the rumors were vague and everybody was more interested in the Oculus Rift rather than any other alternative tech or brand making similar products. But the words now come from Sony’s SOE, a higher-up in the company which should know more solid news on this matter and a person who can further unfold the subject even more.

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Since there is not a lot to go on, having just confirmed the existence of such a device in the works, we can only speculate on its looks and performance, which couldn’t be too different from the Oculus Rift. There is much more digging to do on this subject, but given the authenticity, at least we know this will not be in vain.

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