Sony Confirms The PlayStation 4 Doesn’t Require A Constant Internet Connection

/ 4 years ago


Sony has reiterated its promise that its next generation console, the PlayStation 4, will not require a constant internet connection. Sony have stated that being connected to the internet is beneficial to the console as it will allow it to perform more functions and services, but users are not required to have a constant internet connection or even connect to the internet on a regular basis if they do not want to or cannot.

This comes in stark contrast to the Microsoft Xbox One which requires an internet connection every 24 hours or the console will not work. Thankfully that will not happen with the PS4 and Sony’s Mark Cerny confirmed via NeoGAF that the PS4 is not a “permanent connection system” but the experience is “richer” when connected to the internet.

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As you might expect a lot of the PS4’s functions require an internet connection to function by Mark Cerny of Sony pointed out that Gamers can enjoy single player campaigns offline without the necessity for any internet connections.

It looks like Sony now have a couple of wins over Microsoft’s Xbox One as the PS4 not only boasts better hardware specifications but also has less intrusive internet connection requirements.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this gives the PS4 an advantage over the Xbox One?

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  • Jonathan Antwi

    got the perfect quote that fits sony
    “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” ― Otto von Bismarck

    • Guest

      It still needs the net to register the game, they’ve just dont need 24hour confirmation (or whenever your on) of registration/legitness.

  • VisualAudio

    Not really…It still needs the net to register the game, they’ve just don’t need
    24hour confirmation (or whenever your on) of registration/legitness. You wont know that the game is confirming when going on your Xone. It will do it while you play something.

  • skidmarquis

    Microsoft has been leaving a bad taste in many gamers mouths for the entire last generation, and we have been waiting for it to come to a close so to sort out our mistake of getting mixed up with it. I predict (and I’m pretty good at this mostly) They just beat millions of us to the punch and showed us the door. Far too Goddam Orwellian for their own good, and in a arena very sensitive and savy to this sort of mucking about ,

  • TheRealKeyzerSoze

    Puh…That was good. Now i will 100% buy a ps4 😀 Sony ftw!!

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