Sony Hack: Executives Payroll Information Leaked

/ 3 years ago


Time for today’s Sony Pictures hack story. Now the hackers appear to have released a portion of their “tens of terabytes” of internal documents.

They’ve released a number of spreadsheets that include things like payroll information for high ranking executives, private details of employees and internal passwords for servers, all on to popular file sharing sites.

The documents, which also include confidential financial information, could be potentially damaging to Sony Pictures, only adding to the previous problems caused by this hack. Reports indicated that employees found themselves resorting to working on pen and paper and using landline phones as late as Friday, days after the hack occurred. We’ve also seen the leak of those movies, something that is now apparently threatening Sony Pictures holiday earnings.

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There’s also the possibility that North Korea could be involved. Today the BBC spoke to a North Korean official who didn’t deny their involvement, saying only “wait and see”. I wonder if we’ll be back tomorrow with another Sony Pictures story? Probably.

Source: TheNextWeb

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