Sony Hack Malware Was Written in Korean

/ 3 years ago


In the seemingly never-ending story of the Sony Pictures hack, The Verge reports on the news that research by AlienLabs has revealed that the software used in the attack was written in Korean.

Jaime Blasco of AlienLabs made the discovery by delving into one of the samples of the malware released by the FBI. Apparently, the metadata from the software’s compiler, revealed that it was written on a computer that displayed Korean characters. It also revealed that the software was built only a few days before the hack itself, between November 22nd and 24th.

This is probably the strongest piece of evidence yet pointing to North Korea as the perpetrators of the hack. The news closely follows North Korea’s denial of involvement earlier today, something that not too many of us were convinced by anyway.

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AlienLabs’ search also revealed a few interesting tidbits concerning how the hack was deployed, suggesting that the software wiped the company’s hard drives, took down their email and locked all of their systems up with that tacky ‘#Guardians of Peace’ graphic.

We can only wonder what else we’ll discover as this story continues to unravel.

Source: The Verge

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