Sony Might Be Looking Into Testing as a Service, Early Access and Crowdfunding

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Sony has revealed some of their possible future plans in a job posting for a new Director for the Worldwide Studios Quality Assurance Business operations. Of course the job possibilities mentioned here aren’t always a hundred percent indication of what to come, it does paint a picture of the companies plans.

PlayStation now appears to be looking into TaaS, GaaS, Crowdsourcing and early access test efforts. Crowdfunding and Early Access are both terms we already know, but you might not have heard of GaaS and TaaS before. The two terms stand for Gaming as a Service and Testing as a Service.

The TaaS basically involves outsourcing part of testing to external companies. This possibility could end up in one of two ways: either we’ll get more polished games while the company can adjust the hired workforce better than having them all in-house and it could also go the other way with a lot more leaks of early version and information before the games hit the retail market. Although one doesn’t exclude the other.

Sony doesn’t want to be left out in the dark when it comes the cloud trend either, so of course they’re also looking into Gaming as a Service, something that also could help to prevent piracy.


The director of QA business Operations and Development is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive internal and external operational programs, processes and services to determine how competitive and current we are within the gaming industry. This position is expected to uphold the mission and values established by the organization.

Strategic Duties:

The Business Operations and Development Director works to improve an organization’s value and improve financial optimization. These duties include: assisting to define mid and long-term operational plans, helping to track and refine global organizational goals, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities/ services, negotiates, opens and closes new business services, maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions and oversees trends and analysis of global business operations regarding Test Efforts.
The Business Operations and Development Directors will also help manage existing clients and ensure they stay satisfied and positive. They will work with clients, often being required to make presentations on solutions and services that meet or predict the efforts of services and work with the clients’ future needs.


  1. Monitors external and internal environment for development of new services: TaaS, GaaS, Crowdsourcing, early access test efforts, etc.
  2. Implements the recommendations of the strategic mid-year plan with WWS.
  3. Performs market research and analysis to stay competitive regarding the leading game industry testing technology and methodologies.
  4. Furnishes global best business practices, advice, counsel, service improvement and general staff support to all departments within the organization.
  5. Evaluates operational issues to determine how competitive and current it is with the latest trends in the industry.
  6. Assists in or produces feasibility studies/business plans for said new services: Service Catalog
  7. Manages specific Quality Initiative Programs: audits, CSI etc.
  8. Assists in capturing and developing ongoing customer relation evaluations.
  9. Demonstrates knowledge of and supports mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and the code of ethical behavior.
  10. Assists in planning of any event that highlights Test services: GTC, Post Mortems, etc
  11. Assists in developing and maintaining our evaluation process to continue gaining feedback from clients.
  12. Performs public speaking to organizations, committees and groups regarding new services, operations and testing practices.
  13. Develops and maintains Global Business Operations budget.

Thanks to PlayStation for providing us with this information

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