Sony Pictures looking at a possible Steve Jobs movie

/ 6 years ago

Not long after Steve Jobs’ death, a lot of talking has been going on about a possible movie from no other than the production company that brought us the Facebook movie; Sony Pictures.

The news is passing that Sony is actually looking to buy the rights to Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson, the same person that brought us the biography of people like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

The complete biography is set for release on the 24th of October. In a total of 448 pages, Isaacson explains the life of Apple’s creator based on 40 interviews and over 100 conversations with friends, family and competitors.

The web is buzzing about who could portrait this iconic man. Some are saying actor Ashton Kutcher resembles him most during his young years, although Noah Wyle could also be a potential actor, as he previously took the role in the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” as well as appeared as Steve Jobs himself at Macworld New York in 1999.


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