Sony Pictures Being Sued Over Massive Hack

/ 3 years ago


Sony Pictures is being sued by former employees over the failure to keep their private details secure. The former employees are being led by Michael Corona, who worked for Sony between 2004 and 2007.

“An epic nightmare, much better suited to a cinematic thriller than to real life, is unfolding in slow motion for Sony’s current and former employees.”

You’d think that sentence above is from one of Sony Pictures’ screenplays, but is actually the opening line of the complaint submitted to the California District Court. The former staff are particularly angry about the leak of 47,000 Social Security numbers, something for which Michael Corona is taking out $700 a year identity theft protection – given for free only to current Sony Pictures employees.

“Their most sensitive data, including over 47,000 Social Security numbers, employment files including salaries, medical information, and anything else that their employer Sony touched, has been leaked to the public, and may even be in the hands of criminals.”

They allege that Sony avoided attempts to ensure the security of its computer systems even after a number of signs, including an earlier breach that wasn’t made public, that suggested they were vulnerable.

Source: The Verge

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