Sony Resorted to Using Old BlackBerrys Post-Hack

/ 3 years ago

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After Sony Pictures was hacked by the group known as Guardians of Peace back in November, its staff was forced to resort to older technology to maintain it communications. Employees were given old BlackBerry phones since, with Sony’s servers severely compromised, e-mails through the devices are handled by BlackBerry’s own servers. A large quantity of BlackBerry handsets were purposefully shipped in to accommodate Sony’s staff.

The same report, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, sheds further light on how Sony reacted during the early hours of the attack. Though the hack was reported to the FBI immediately, it was considered a minor incident that could be repaired within weeks.

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According to Michael Lynton, Chief Executive of Sony Entertainment, it took over a day for the company “to fully understand this was not something [they] were going to be able to recover from in the next week or two.”

Source: Engadget

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