Sony Targets 5 Million PS4 Sales By March 2014

/ 4 years ago


Engadget reports Sony is targeting 5 million PlayStation 4 sales by the end of its fiscal year in March 2014. Many are surprised by such an ambitious target considering Sony won’t even launch the PS4 in its native and often buoyant console market Japan until February 2014.

5 Million in perspective is actually quite ambitious given that the PS3 took nearly a year to reach that same number and the PS4, if it meets the target, would be doing that in well under half the time. Nintendo’s Wii U only managed to sell around 3 million units in its launch window period which was longer.

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In the longer term Sony will be undoubtedly be expecting much more in terms of total sales. Back in late 2012 Sony’s PlayStation 3 surpassed 70 million console sales.

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  1. 23piz23mitch says:

    3m or 4m is more likely

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