Sony’s PlayStation Reported to Outsell Microsoft’s Xbox by 3:1

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Sony’s first quarter 2014 financial report is looking very good for the company, having posted a net income of $261 million. The company is said to have sold 3.5 million PS4 and PS3 consoles, a 2.4 million increase compared to the Q1 2013 statistics. Aside from PS3 and PS4 sales, Sony shows its Vita, PSP and Vita TV sales figures separately, having them up from 600,000 units last year to 750,000 units this year.

Sony’s game division also reported a $43 million profit this year, compared to the $164 million operation loss last year. Sony and its PlayStation have had some rough times in recent years, having its PS3 show gradual declines in sales. This means that PS4’s figure could be estimated to be at around 2.4 million yearly increase. The company is said to also note a major increase in revenue from its network services, leading to the conclusion that users have a high rate of using the PS+ subscription with its new PS4 console.

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Microsoft is also said to have sold only 1.1 million Xbox units over the same time period, which means that Sony is outselling Microsoft’s consoles at a ratio of 3:1. Though the Xbox is still selling very well, it is no match when comparing it to its PS4 rival. This means that PS3 sales do not look too bright, but Sony is showing signs of another console dominance, similar to the PS2 back in its days.

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