Soylent Meals Are Coming To The UK This Week!

Soylent Meals Are Coming To The UK This Week!

Anyone familiar with their classic science fiction films might be aware of a film called ‘Soylent Green’. The film shows a future (well, at least in terms of a future from 1973) in which the food crisis has been solved thanks to a miracle food source known as ‘Soylent’ Green.

While this seems great at first, over the course of the film it is discovered that it is actually made from people. I won’t say any more, go watch it!

Anyway, why all this talk about classic science fiction films? Well, in a report via the BBC,  a brand new product called ‘Soylent’ which was previously banned in the UK, will be set to release this week!

Does It Contain People?

No, it doesn’t contain people. What it does contain, however, is basically a food milkshake. The recipe has been modified a little from the current US version of the product. Rather than outright replacing food though, the drink has been designed to supplement any meals you have to miss or be quick about due to time constraints.

What Has The Company Said?

Soylent chief executive Bryan Crowley said: “Nutritionists have a tough job, their usual response is we would rather they eat fruit and veg. But we’ve been saying that for years and it isn’t working. We’re not trying to replace the meals you have with family and friends, weekend brunch. We’re not trying to compete in that area. What we’re saying is, we can’t change how busy you are but we can provide you something nutritious to consume when you are that busy.”

Soylent will go on sale in the UK this Thursday. Although we cannot confirm this ourselves, it is said to taste something like chalk and porridge… tasty!

What do you think? Plan to give it a try? Ever seen Soylent Green? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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