Spire introduce SkyMax VGA cooler

/ 6 years ago

This triple-fan VGA cooler utilizes five copper heat-pipes that quickly transfer the heat away from the GPU heat source. The SkyMax offers powerful cooling solution for the latest Nvidia and AMD/ATi Graphic processors up to 180W TDP.
The five heat-pipes utilized are high performance sintered powder heat-pipes which guarantee swift heat transfer. The SkyMax is equipped with three  DC fans, one 90 mm centre fan and two 80 mm fans which generate a huge air pressure of 36.5 CFM. This VGA Cooler is supplied with a complete set of mounting accessories such as clips, screws, S420 thermal interface material, MOS and RAM heat-sinks. Due to the open heatsink design the air can easily cool the entire Graphic Card. You can easily install this VGA cooler onto your Gforce and Radeon chipset based graphic cards.

Main Features:

  • Superior performance up to 180 Watts capacity
  • Efficient cooling enabled by 5 heat-pipes
  • Designed for mid to high-end VGA cards
  • Three DC fans, silent at 19~41.5 dBA Max.
  • Sufficient GPU cooling as well as other surround components
  • Keeps video card cooler and at maximum performance
  • Versatile for NVIDIA Geforce and ATI Radeon graphic chip-sets
  • Extends the life of your video card
  • 3 years limited manufacturer warranty


The SkyMax is compatible with most NVIDIA and ATI based graphic cards on the market today. For exact Chip / Card compatibility please see the product page.

MSRP and Availability:

$59.99 / €44.95, available immediately.

Product includes:

  • Owner installation manual
  • S420 tube thermal interface
  • Mounting brackets/clips
  • Insulators – Washers
  • Mounting bolts and screws
  • RAM & MOS Memory heat-sinks
  • Warranty registration card.

Source: PR


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