Spire Has Unveiled the Unique Swirl IV CPU Cooler

/ 3 years ago


Spire Corp has just rolled out the fourth generation of their Swirl CPU cooler that has the logical naming as the Swirl IV CPU cooler. The unique cooler uses three 8mm all copper sinter powder heat pipes connect the aluminium base with the very unique looking swirl-shaped aluminium fins.


In the middle of the cooler, we see the 80mm fan with LED function and it is the same lateral-flow type found in graphics card coolers. It has a variable rotation speed between 600 and 2000 RPM and can push up to 83.12CFM air. The noise output generated at maximum speed will be up to 26 dBa. The fan uses high-quality Japanese ball bearings to guarantee a long MTBF.

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The Swirl IV CPU cooler can handle processors with a TDP up to 130W and is compatible with all modern sockets from AMD and Intel, including the LGA2011 and LGA115x series. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the 131 x 125 x 62 mm cooler weighs 690 grams and is priced at €49.95.


Thanks to Spire for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Spire

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  • Michael Harlan Petersen

    That is really odd looking. would need a case mod to make it look like it belonged.

  • McCrow

    would go fine into the steamcastle. ( as odd )


    any advantage over water / oil cooling