Spotify’s latest numbers – 5 million subscribers, 1 million in the US alone

/ 5 years ago

I’m a huge fan of Spotify and use it on the daily – the beauty of it is that I can use it on my Mac, Windows PC, Android device or iOS device. I can do everything I want from it – make playlists, discover new music and sync my various devices. But just how well are they doing in the market?

Analysts’ latest numbers are showing that the music streaming and discovery service has over 5 million subscribers across the world with 1 million of those in the US alone. Spotify also claim to have more than 20 million users, which means 15 million users (or so) aren’t paying for the service and enjoying those ads every few tracks played.

Metallica have stepped in to join the Spotify party, too, with Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich saying “we were ready to jump in as soon as they were ready”.

Spotify’s CEO has said that they’ve paid artists over $500 million since the launch of Spotify, with $250 million of that going to artists in the last nine months.

Source: CNet

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