Square Enix set to reveal new game reveal today

/ 6 years ago

A ‘surprising’ Square Enix game is set to be revealed at some point today on the Siliconera website.

While there are next to no details at the moment, Siliconera has said “I can’t say any more for the moment other than this will be a Siliconera exclusive and the game will surprise you,” what that means is exactly remains to be seen, but no doubt all you Square Enix fans will have a few hopes and dreams in mind, although I’ll put my money on it being some naff iOS conversion, setting my hopes low on purpose so not to have them shattered.

Square Enix was known to trade mark the titles “drakerider and “bloody of Chaos” in Europe, obvious hints at new projects, but they could be anything from DLC, possible projects, new titles, who knows?

Could it be something Final Fantasy related? oh that’s right, I’m trying not to get my hopes up!

Source: CVG

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