Star Citizen Backer’s $45,000 Refund Claim a Hoax

/ 5 months ago

Star Citizen Backer's $45,000 Refund Claim a Hoax

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperial Games is denying claims that they have given $45,000 worth of refunds to a backer. The alleged refund stems from a reddit post in a subforum /r/starcitizen_refunds which is specifically for the topic. The user has posted screenshots supporting his claim. This is verified according to CIG’s communications director David Swofford, that there was indeed a claim. However, he states that the “a lot of the information was fabricated”. He elaborates that the only refund issued is for an individual for $330, and not $45,000 like the post on reddit claims. Furthermore, Swofford states via ArsTechnica that the reasons for the refund logged by the company are not the same as what the user stated on their reddit thread.

Star Citizen Backer Frustrations

Star Citizen Backer's $45,000 Refund Claim a Hoax

It is easy to see why development for the game is taking so long. Since the project is the single most ambitious video game project ever undertaken. In fact, children who were just born when the game was initially announced are entering school age soon. Which is why it is also easy to see why some backers would want refunds. The original post on reddit claims that the $45,000 refund is to a commercial guild who bought three completionist packages. These were originally worth $15,000, but are now worth $18,000.

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