Star Citizen Crowd Funding Reaches $48 Million!

/ 3 years ago


It has been two years since the Star Citizen crowd funding campaign was started, a lot of doubters said that the game wouldn’t get anywhere near its five million dollar target, but the nay sayers can eat their own hat this week – Star Citizen crowd funding has now reached a staggering $48 million! Not only does that mean the game is incredibly well funded, but that its being pushed even further than the developers ever intended, as they find new ways of turning dollars into polygons.

The game racked up just under 500,000 pledges, with an average of almost $100 per investor. It seems that Chris Roberts’ has a lot of fans in the gaming world. Just how much more investment this game will receive remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, it’s not even out yet and it’s already a hit.

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Ever giving back to the community, Cloud Imperium Games have just revealed the Aegis Dynamics Gladus Light Fighter, which will serve as an alternative to the Hornet in the game. The new concept ship is already available for pre-order on the Roberts Space Industries website.


Thank you Dual Shockers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Dual Shockers.

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