Star Citizen Funding Expected to Hit $100 Million Before Release

/ 3 years ago


Star Citizen continues to set new crowd funding records as the game quickly approaches the $60 million mark. What’s really exciting about how this game is funded is that Chris Roberts has pledged to invest every penny into the game’s development. He plans to keep making the game bigger and better right up to the games release and beyond.

The game was only originally seeking a more modest $4 million, but the extra funding has allowed the team at Cloud Imperium Games to invest in crazy new features. The game has since had new ships, fully developed alien languages, improved scale, graphics, a full FPS element and more added to it. It’s expected even more features will continue to be added to the development over the coming months.

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Chris Roberts isn’t stopping there either, if you think this game sounds incredible at $60 million, Roberts expects the game to break $100 million around the time the game hits version 1.0. The game now has 281 people working on it around the world, putting every bit of effort they can into making this one of the most ambitious games of a generation.

All eyes towards the end of 2015, when the game is expected to reach Version 1.0.

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