Star Trek: Picard Has Already Confirmed a 2nd Season

We must admit that when a new Star Trek series featuring Patrick Stewart was confirmed earlier this year, we were more than a little surprised. I mean, he had pretty much confirmed with the conclusion of his last feature film that he had retired from playing the character of Jean Luc Picard.

The announcement of the new series, however, pretty much confirmed either one of two possibilities. Either the script he received was really good, or the paycheque was substantially better. Despite the rather cynical note, however, from what we’ve seen so far, Star Trek Picard is looking to definitely fall into the former category. You can check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet!

Star Trek: Picard

While the announcement of the new series was a very pleasant surprise, it still hasn’t quite hit our TV screens yet. So don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Star Trek Picard until now. You’ve not missed anything yet.

In a report via SlashFilm, however, things have definitely gotten a little more interesting. You see, despite the first series now being set to arrive until January 23rd, CBS has confirmed that a 2nd-series has already been commissioned. This could be a far more positive sign than you might initially think.

What Do We Think?

You may think that hearing the confirmation of the 2nd-series is perhaps a little early. It isn’t, however, exactly unprecedented nor unheard of from other shows in the past. Hell, even the Cleveland Show got 3 series! (I’m still angry about that causing the cancellation of King of the Hill btw.)

While a new Star Trek show featuring Jean Luc Picard was always going to be popular, this announcement does give us hope that despite the advancing years of both the character and the actor, this might be set to be the next greatest show since (arguably) the end of Voyager.

Being a pretty huge closet Trekkie though, all I can say is that January 23rd can’t come soon enough!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Star Trek? Do you think ‘Picard’ will be the latest and greatest from the franchise? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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