Star Wars: Battlefront 3 rumours appear again

/ 6 years ago

A new job listing and CV have suggested that Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is in development at Spark Unlimited, the studio that is most known for creating Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary: The Box.

The job listing, which was spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, calls for a “senior combat designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.”

Along with the job ad is a LinkedIn profile for John Lawrie, former senior software engineer for Spark Unlimited, which lists an “Unannounced third person sword fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3).”

A second LinkedIn profile alludes to a “AAA third person shooter using Unreal Engine and Kynapse AI middleware.”

So, piece it all together and you’ve got a 3rd person action adventure sequel set in a high-profile sci-fi universe that has sword fighting and third-person shooting.

Although the Battlefront series certainly fits the bill LucasArts hasn’t officially confirmed the project, so it’s all educated guesswork/speculation for now.

In 2010 Slant Six Games, which is currently working on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for Capcom, was linked to the Battlefront 3 project.

Following that Star Wars: Battlefront 3 appeared on GameSpy servers. Everyone cross your fingers.

Source: CVG

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