Steam Autumn And Holiday Sale 2013 Dates Get Leaked

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Whatever you do, don’t leak the Steam sale dates to the public! Oops. Clearly Steam’s plea with its partners to keep these dates private fell on deaf ears because the email ended up on Reddit, being read by millions. According to the leaked email Steam’s Autumn sale will run from November 27th to December the 3rd, with Steam not accepting submissions from game publishers and developers for reduced pricing any later than November 20th. Additionally the email suggests we will see the Steam Holiday Sale shortly after starting from December 19th running through to January 2nd.

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There’s no indication of what games will be on offer, except Counter Strike Condition Zero which will apparently be half price to $4.99 and will be part of an additional Steam promotion that reduces it to $2.49 (Daily Deal, Flash Sale or Voting Promotion). Given that every deal/offer needs to be submitted no later than November 20th we can probably expect to see another list or email revealed before the Autumn sale starts but we’re going to have to sit around and wait for that.

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16 Responses to “Steam Autumn And Holiday Sale 2013 Dates Get Leaked”
  1. herp says:

    Death ears? lol

  2. Justain says: and then it’s pretty obvious this “leaked” email article is pointless. So, 1 week black friday sale, and then 2 weeks around christmas and new years. Wow, such strategic planning secrets of opening the sale windows to black friday and “winter break for kids” to sell downloadable games. What makes this non-believable is that it ends with “Cheers, the Steam Team.” Steam sucks. They are ruining PC gaming. They are the itunes store of PC games. They ruined dota. Steam Team idolizes Steve Jobs. The Steam Team all have macpros. Gosh, I hate Steam. PC gaming will still win.

    • I don’t understand what has to do with anything

    • James Armstrong says:

      I think Steam is a really good platform,
      I don’t see why you’re so negative towards it.

    • Dan says:

      Steam is ruining PC gaming? What the actual F*** are you on about.

    • Ben Curwen says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Justain says:

      ok, 1 by 1.

      BEN) Semi-trolling. I don’t like Steam. I do think they are the itunes store of PC gaming.

      DAN) Not sure what you’re saying, but it’s not really Steam the company that I feel ruins PC gaming, but it’s just how they act. Property of downloadable games is controlled. eg, I can’t sell a game that I bought through steam (or any other site). It’s all linked to your account and licenses are not transferable. This ruins gaming because it eliminates sharing games. I hate console gaming but at least you can sell your games when you’re done with them or let someone borrow your games (sharing or selling to a middleman like Gamestop). They should have considerably lower prices for having this sort of deal in licensing agreements but no, we PC gamers just accept it. Again, they are the itunes of pc gaming.

      JAMES) It is a good platform. There’s a good sense of community, they do a good job of promoting games too. “Steam sales” upset me because they make everyone have to buy games and when people stop buying them, they just lower price and call it a Steam sale. This is basically an abuse of monopoly. The distributors control the supply and sharing of games and when the game isn’t in demand anymore, they just lower price, little by little, until they basically maximized all that they can squeeze out of a title.

      RYAN) I mentioned because this article is moot if you’re a slickdealer. Like I said, black friday sale, and christmas/new years sale (when all the kids are on winter break and can still bug their parents to buy them the games since they are “on sale.”) All the really good deals (for the most part) are listed in slickdeals anyways, so this article is pointless. You’re always going to see the good steam sales, and be able to get the games worth getting at those games that you wanted to try and but didn’t want to spend $40+ on when they drop 50-80% to $5-12 on slickdeal forums. Also, you get comparative/competitive prices from EA/Origin and other vendors. That’s better than a “leak” about Steam sales coming up that was supposedly a internal circular that was signed “the Steam Team.”

      LASTLY, I think Steam ruined PC gaming because they got too big and good at what they do. If you buy from other vendors (at a better price) and can’t link it to Steam, it’s almost not worth it since it’ll disconnect you from your Steam gamer friends. Albeit that Steam is the one who created the community, and yes, sometimes you can use the overlay, but still, it’s monopolizing, bad license deals, and really the majority of consumers just accept it. That’s what I hate about Steam.

  3. Weegee says:

    If its asking that the dates arent made public… THEN WHY THE ABSOULTE FUCK ARE YOU POSTING THIS SHIT!? And dont give me that ‘its already out there’ bullshit, you are just bringing more attention to it by making an article about it so that your website will get seen. Fuck off.

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