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Steam to Introduce a New ‘Play Time’ Filter to Game Reviews

If you’re anything like me, then before purchasing a game on Steam you might check out the reviews to see what the community think. You are, after all, far more likely to get an honest opinion out of genuine players. There is, however, something of a problem with the system. Namely, that it can so easily be flooded by either generally poor reviews (in terms of details and specifics) or those given by people who have barely even given the game a chance.

In a report via PCGamesN, however, a brand new feature coming to Steam will allow you to filter out reviews to only see those from people who have pumped some solid time into it.

Steam Gaming Reviews To Get New Filters!

The option is reportedly currently available under their ‘Stream Labs’ branding which seems to be Valve’s new naming for ‘experimental’ features. As you can see above, however, you will be able to successfully filter over a wide range of hours played to ensure you get a solid opinion on your (potentially) new gaming purchase.

Did this really need to happen, though? Well, I think so and I’ll tell you why!

Why Is This A Good Feature?

Two Point Hospital is a damn fine game. In fact, it’s one of the rare occasions where we have gone to the lengths to give it a detailed and thorough examination which you can check out here! As you can see above, however, one of the featured reviews shows a ‘not recommended’ rating. While people are, of course, always entitled to disagree about games, note the content and details of it.

The person says it ‘became boring fast’. That clearly must’ve been at a bloody lightning pace considering they played it for only an hour! Worse though, they got it for free!

As such, as much as I’m not necessarily outright dismissing this opinion, I couldn’t consider it a good one and, frankly, neither should you. So, all going well, this new filter will help us become savvier and better-informed gaming consumers.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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