Study Shows Tablets & eReaders Help People Read More

/ 4 years ago


A study by USA Today in partnership with Bookish reveals that tablet and e-reader owners tend to read more books than people who do not own a tablet or e-reader. A representative study of  1000 18 to 40 year old American citizens and 819 e-reader and tablet owners suggests that 46% of people have a tablet or e-reader – with the iPad and Amazon Kindle being the most popular of their respective categories. This is up from just 18% to the same study conducted 2 years ago. Since getting those devices 35% of people say they now read more – 41% of e-reader owners and 29% of tablet owners.

The study compares tablet/e-reader owners with consumers who have neither device and the study suggests the average tablet/e-reader owner reads 18 books per year while the average consumer without either device reads 11 books per year.

E-books are said to be driving this growth as they accounted for 20% of all book sales in the USA in 2012 and grew 42% last year, though the rapid growth of previous years is slowing.

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One Response to “Study Shows Tablets & eReaders Help People Read More”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    They probably find tablets/e-readers toys so reading becomes easier. Myself, I’ll stick the the old tried & trusted method of books.

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