Subscription Free World of Warcraft Coming

/ 2 years ago


Blizzard has a new way to play World of Warcraft, and it’s perfect for the non-subscription-based players. Meet the “WoW Token.”

Players can purchase the WoW Tokens with real money in game, then can even sell them in the auction house. Each token in the auction house, which can be bought with in game gold, will be good for 30 days of game time.

As reported by, Blizzard has developed a special formula that determines the price of the Tokens, Blizzard will:

“Take into account supply and demand for Tokens as well as other elements of the World of Warcraft economy in each region”

After purchasing a Token in the auction house with in game gold, the Token is soulbound to the character it is purchased for, and therefore only redeemable by you, thus making the Tokens no resellable.

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Source: TweakTown


  • Weston Konik

    sooooo….. rich players can just buy them and play for free? lol

    • EzDzR

      The real problem is going to be the bots, bots will be able to pay for their own time without the large gold transfers that throw red flags.

      • rallierf1

        you also mean Chinese gold farmers

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