Super Talent releases overclocked quad channel DDR3 kits

/ 6 years ago

With Intel’s latest processors and chipset allowing for up to eight memory slots to be filled, companies have been releasing quad-channel kits for the enthusiasts to enjoy their new systems and allow for faster and better performances. Super Talent is no different, their latest Quadra series aiming high in the extreme enthusiast market with the overclocked quad-channel DDR3 memory kits.

Coming in both at 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz, these 4GB kits, when paired with the latest hexa-core i7 processor will unleash a world or performance and speed.

With up to 32GB at hand’s reach, the most extreme enthusiast will be able to push their gaming experience to a whole new level with speeds surpassing the previous levels of what used to be called ‘fast’.

Validated with the X79 chipset, the 1600 MHz and the 1866 MHz overclocking DDR3 DIMMs are both available in single modules (WQ160UB4G9 & WQ186UB4G9 respectively) as well as in kits of 4 modules (WQ160UX16G9 & WQ186UX16G9 respectively).

For more information, please refer to the Super Talent official website.

Source: Press Release

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