Support The Red Cross And Child’s Play With The Focus Humble Bundle

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Are you ready for the chance to not only give to charity, but also get some incredible deals on a load of games? Of course you are! Focus Home Interactive is showing their support for the Red Cross and Child’s Play charities and needs your support in doing so by checking out their Focus Humble Bundle. Not only can you donate money to charity, but you’ll do so by purchasing up to 8 games, you pay what you want, you get loads of games, pick how much of the money you paid you would like to donate to charity, easy.

There are plenty of games on offer and while I personally have to admit that they’re not overly hot titles, I do think it’s still a great way to give to charity anyway and will be donating none the less. Plus I’m always looking to support Humble Bundle and the developers to help them keep the bundles coming.

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Divinity 2 should be worth a pick for RPG fans, city builder Cities XL isn’t too bad either and the point and click Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a temptation for those who love the old school play style. Just don’t get your hopes up for Game of Thrones if your a fan of the TV series or book, it’s really no where near as good (shame).


Head on over to for more information.

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Focus.

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