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Surgeon Simulator 2 is Offered Free to NHS Workers

It’s been a pretty rough year medically speaking around the world given the COVID-19 situation, and this has undoubtedly been a lot tougher for those working within the health care system. If you do, however, happen to work directly for the NHS (or know someone who does) then we have some excellent news for you!

As part of an amazing new promotion, Bossa Studios, the developer behind Surgeon Simulator 2, is offering NHS workers a free copy of the game to own and keep forever as a thank you for their tireless work!

Surgeon Simulator 2

This isn’t the first free gaming promotion we have seen offered to NHS workers since the Coronavirus outbreak, but this undoubtedly represents one of the most significant given that Surgeon Simulator 2 was only recently released and has (so far) received some more than excellent reviews.

If you’re not, incidentally, aware of the game, a brief summary would describe it as giving you the opportunity to perform intricate (and amusing) surgical procedures with some of the most amazingly clunky (but funny) controls around!

How Can I Claim My Copy?

With the promotion on offer until October 22nd, the only condition for you to claim your copy is that you must have an NHS specific e-mail address. Oh, and you must promise that you won’t attempt to re-sell your code. Presuming that you do fulfill these remits, however, (or know someone who does), you can check out the website here to register to receive your free copy.

So, while I don’t work for the NHS, I’m still more than happy to give Bossa Studios two thumbs up and a clean bill of health for this amazing offer!

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Mike Sanders

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