Syndicate review scores roundup

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Syndicate reviews have gone live on the internet, and here’s a roundup of the lot.

Going from the internet’s scores, it looks like everyone’s agreed on good old 7 out of ten. Here’s your list…

OXM UK: 6– It’s unfair to slate Syndicate for being a shooter rather than an action RPG, and if it were a better shooter, we’d give it due credit.IGN: 7.5 – Syndicate hints at a fantastic puzzle meta-game, but relies on bullets flying to get through every level. Where the story walks a familiar road, the cooperative campaign’s tough-but-fun arcade action makes up for the missteps.

IUP: C+ – Syndicate ultimately is a damn good cooperative game saddled with a weak story campaign. I just hope Starbreeze’s next game — whether a remake or a license or an original story — can be consistently good across all its modes.

The Guardian: 3/5 – those with longer memories may argue that rebooting Syndicate as yet another FPS, complete with identikit hero, is a bit like remaking Citizen Kane as a rom-com starring Adam Sandler. For all its multiplayer merits, I’m afraid I’m with the Luddites on this one.

Eurogamer: 7/10 – If Starbreeze had snubbed convention and made a strategic co-op shooter with a global reach, it could have been amazing. As it is, it’s the sort of almost-there effort that entertains for now but will likely be forgotten by Christmas. Pick it up for the highly enjoyable co-op, but just don’t expect it to outlast its FPS rivals.

Videogamer: 7 – Syndicate’s callous world of corporate dominance feels more pressing than ever in 2012, but Starbreeze lacks the confidence to execute on this chilling vision of the future.

Giant Bomb: 5/5 – The campaign gives you a great look at an interesting world, though its abrupt, too-clean ending feels out of place. It’s a somewhat disappointing reward for an otherwise exciting adventure that puts a terrific and fun spin on first-person shooting.

Destructoid: 6.5 – It is a game you will never need to play, but you won’t feel like you wasted your life if you do. It’s a videogame about guns that pretends to be something deeper while striving for nothing more.

Source: CVG

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