Tablet Vendors Moving Towards Larger Displays But 7 Inch Still Accounts For 70%

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Digitimes reports that the tablet industry is looking to move towards larger tablets to expand opportunities in the market. Currently the tablet market is dominated by the 7 inch tablet form factor which accounts for 70% of all tablet sales. Tablet industry sources suggest that most tablet vendors are investigating new opportunities by considering tablets from 6.5 inches to 21 inches. Some Chinese white box tablet vendors have started producing 6.5 inch tablets with 3G capabilities to compete with larger smartphones like the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Chinese vendor “Colorful” recently launched a 13.3 inch tablet costing $240~ USD and that has apparently been embraced very well by the market. In general the vast majority of demand for the really large tablets is expected to come from the enterprise market as consumers do not want to fork out the premiums required for larger tablets. Digitimes say that the medical industry, automotive industry and other digitised industries will be prominent in seeking these large tablets to replace large monitor set ups. Larger tablets are expected to bring greater profit margins because they give vendors more to work with and the market is much less competitive than that of smaller tablets.

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    I can’t see any ‘normal’ individual interested in a 21″ tablet.

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