Final Frontier Unveil Their Spacesuit Of The Future

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Final Frontier, the Brookyn-based space company, have revealed their latest space suit design that will allow future astronauts a lighter and more practical attire for suborbital and orbital commercial space travel.

I’m always facinated by space technology, it’s easy to get caught up in a world of iPads and graphics cards, but even easier to forget that many technological advancements we use on a daily basis started their life much like this space suit.

The new suit is known as the “3G” and was unveiled by Final Frontier at Capitol Hill earlier this week. It is ht ethird iteration of their design and it has taken them four years to research and develop. The last revision won the 2013 popular science invention award.

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The suit was made by Russian space suit designer Nik Moiseev and former costume designer Ted Southern, who formerly worked on the Victoria’s Secret angel wings most common with runway models, an interesting team to say the least but they’re certainly turning heads in the world of space technology, now if they’ll only stick on some Mass Effect N7 colours, it would be so much cooler.

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  • Well few months ago I’ve started watching eTeknix for a giveaway and now I am glad I did.

    Thanks for sharing such news as well.

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      Me too, got some good info since then. Congrats on the “ad” campaign LOL