Take A Blast Back To The Past With Google BBS

/ 4 years ago


For a number of us tech heads, we all like to take a trip back to the good ol’ days of dial up internet and reminisce on how things used to be. Whilst many sites – such as Google – can into the world much later than the 80’s some people wonder what things would have been like back then. Well fear not as Google has been ported to the old BBS style courtesy of the guys over at masswerk.at.

It is worth noting that this is not an official page from Google themselves, but instead a third-party creation that ports Google into the style of the 80’s desktop. Whilst there is no real function of this page and when compared to today’s standards is a millions miles away from the layout, it is a great tool in some respects for teaching the children of today what computing in the past was like.

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It’s simple & fun and I’m sure there is a likely hood you’ll spend a good amount of time having fun with the image search. Do you remember what things were like back then? Can you think of any other sites that would be interesting to see in an 80’s format? Let us know below.

Source: masswerk

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6 Responses to “Take A Blast Back To The Past With Google BBS”
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    Though i don’t use Twitter, i suspect it would actually be functional in that format.
    I’d also like to see eteknix re-imagined in there, just because

  2. Rick Lott says:

    it’s came not can in to the world. ever hear of spell check. i guess not learn to proof read first …..

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