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TeamGroup T-CREATE 3200 Mhz DDR4 Memory Review

How Much Does It Cost?

You can find up to date information on available retailers in your region, as well as prices at the official TeamGroup T-Create product page here. You can also find information on the matching T-Create SSD products too!


TeamGroup is one of the best in the business when it comes to high-performance memory and I’m happy to report that their new T-Create memory is a fitting addition to their range. OK, so it’s not going to be setting any world records, but it’s still a very good kit. The fact that it’s focused on the creative means that capacity and stability are key. At 3200 MHz, you’re unlikely to run into any problems getting this stuff to boot. It’s a very stable and well supported speed.

Of course, only coming in 32GB DIMMS means it’s got the capacity for those demanding workloads. If you do a lot of video editing, audio mixing, photo processing, etc, you know you need a lot of RAM, especially when dealing with hundred or even thousands of high-resolution assets.


They’ve really kept things very simple here, and I’ve even seen them use the exact same shape heatsinks on other models. However, rather than paint them bright colours and put some chrome bits on there to make them “gamer” and flashy, they’ve gone with a crisp monochrome look, and I think it looks brilliant. If you’re working in a studio doing colour grading, it’s unlikely you’ll want RGB on your memory.

Build Quality

It’s pretty decent, no big surprises though, it’s just what I would expect from such a product. They use a 10-layer PCB design, a matte black PCB and some aluminium heatsinks, but then again, none of this is uncommon. At 3200 MHz, the memory isn’t going to get particularly hot either, so the smaller heatsinks are plentiful, with the added bonus that they low design improves compatibility with cases, coolers, etc.

Should I Buy Them?

While TeamGroup market this towards the creative market, it’ll work just as well for anyone. If you’re going for a black/white themed gaming PC build, they’ll certainly be a welcome addition there. Big capacity memory, stable performance and build quality and stylish asthetics are more than enough reasons for me to recommend the T-Create.

TeamGroup T-CREATE 3200 Mhz DDR4 Memory Review

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Peter Donnell

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