TechPowerUp Releases Memtest64 Application

/ 8 months ago


Software wise, TechPowerUp is mostly known for their GPU-Z. Now they are back with another useful tool which is the Memtest64 application. It is a new lightweight tool that doesn’t require any installation, doesn’t require any reboots, and it doesn’t need any administrator privileges either.

The standalone utility lets you test your system memory for hardware faults and other errors and it can also be used to check the stability of your overclocking. Clocking your memory can be tricky when you start to modify speeds and timings. This tool can help you check up on your settings and determine whether you should keep them or keep working on them.

The utility puts your memory through a battery of test patterns where it juggles data from the memory to the page file. The application is a portable version and does not require any installation. It is the first public release of Memtest64, but it has been tested thoroughly internally.

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  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 64-bit OS only
  • Supports all modern processors, including Intel Core and AMD Ryzen
  • No reboot or DOS-mode required
  • You can control how much memory to test, to reduce operational impact
  • Memory is tested using various detection algorithms
  • Errors will be detected automatically
  • Does not require Administrator privileges
  • No installation or registry modifications required.

The new Memtest64 is available now and free to download. Just head over to the official website for it and hit the download button.

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