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TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS Review

Single Video Playback

This test reads a single 2GB file from the device. The file is read sequentially in 256 kb blocks. That simulates a 720p HD video streamed over the network.

Dual Video Playback

This is the same test as before, only this time there are two HD Video Playbacks at the same time. This simulates streaming to two different media players at once.

Quadruple Video Playback

In the same way that the 2x Video Playback streams to the equivalent of two external media players at the same time, the test here doubles up on that to a four-player simulation.

Video Recording

The HD Video Record test is, as the name suggests, a test where we write to the NAS box. It writes a single 2 GB file in 256 kB blocks sequentially to the device.

Combined Video Playback and Recording

The HD playback and record test performs the same single record and playback tests as before, but simultaneously. This test is a good way t show how the system performs with quick changes between reading and writing two large blocks of data across the network to the device.

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Bohs Hansen

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