The 3GHz memory barrier broken

/ 6 years ago

Last night saw a the 3GHz memory barrier broken.

The rig was composed of an Intel Core i7 3770K processor, a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard the one who probably sweat the most was the G.Skill memory, more particularly the F3-2666CL10-4GBZHD kit. To be precise, the speed that was reached with the memory was 1501.5MHz, making this just over 3GHz.

This is quite an achievement, which was done by the overclocker sin0822. However there are more than one people who should be poud, this includes Gigabyte for their motherboard and G.Skill for their insanely overclockable memory.

Source: TweakTown


One Response to “The 3GHz memory barrier broken”
  1. borandi says:

    3G has been done a few times before:… Record is 3736 MHz.

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